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A mama raptor has escaped and hatched babies across the park! In this two-player game of tactics and out-thinking, one player controls a team of scientists trying to recover the raptors while their opponent tries to clear the way to escape with their babies.

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Hunt dangerous dinosaurs or fight for your survival in Raptor, an asymmetrical, two-player board game designed by Bruno Cathala and Bruno Faidutti.

One of you plays as the scientists, seeking to capture the baby dinosaurs running loose in the wild, while the other takes on the role of the mother Velociraptor, who will do anything possible to ensure that her children escape from the scientists!

The scientists can use sleeping gas, fire, reinforcements, or their jeep to hem in and capture the raptors, while the mother raptor can frighten away or even kill the scientists, put out their fires, and guide her baby raptors to safety.

In this easy-to-learn tactical board game of dinosaurs vs. humans, only the cleverest species is guaranteed to survive!


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